Purple Passion Tomato

All the tomato plants are up and growing well. I did run into a little problem. I have no idea what this Purple Passion tomato plant is. I have seen photos of the final fruit, but don’t know about the plant itself. Determinate or Indeterminate? It does have regular leaves. Any ideas?

Purple Passion Tomato Plant

Tomato Stem with Roots

You have always heard that tomatoes produce new root from the stems.  This is why most people advocate planting most of the plant below ground or at very least in a trench.  I know have always believed this theory even though I had no proof it was true.  Now I do!  I was looking over my seedling and found this.  I guess I can sleep easier now knowing all is right with the tomato world.Tomato Stem with new roots

First “Harvest” of the Year

It was a small harvest, but it was the first of the year.  A single radish.  It was more a status check than anything else.  Almost Mature Radish

This is the Cherry Belle variety of radish.  It tasted fine, not hot or woody.  The lettuce in the garden has gotten bitter from the extra warm spring.  I have more reaching a good size now and hope it will be better.  We did get a enough new leafs of lettuce for 4 salads.  So all is good.

I had to cover up some of the plants tonight with a frost cover.  Lows are expected in the upper 30’s, but no need to take a chance with the summer vegetables.  Hopefully, this will be the last time I need to get the frost cloth out.   The rest of the tomatoes are going out over the weekend, and I plan on building at least one more 4×4 bed this year.


Compost is one-third of Mel’s Mix, but it is the most important of the three.  A good compost does a lot for your square foot garden.  It provides all the nutrients, retains mostuire, and provides good aeration.  It is also the only variable in the mix.  Vermiculite is vermiculite and peat is peat, but not all compost is compost.  Most store bought compost comes from a single source and has a certain set nutrients.  We want an orgnanic compost that comes from multiple sources and contains all the nutrients the plants need.  If you use store bought compost use different brands and sources.  Store bought compost is fine, as long as you “mix it up”.  The best compost you can use is backyard style.  Here are a few tips in creating your own “black gold”.

Size:  3′x’3′x3′ to 4′x4′x4′  Any smaller you cannot retain the heat need to break down the plant matter into a usable product.  Any larger it becomes difficult to turn or add material.

Mix:  Add as many different types of plant matter as you can.  Leaves, roots, and left over lettuce are a good start.  Grass clippings also can be used, but use no more than 20% of the total volume.

Water:  Keep it moist.  H2O is as important as what you add.

Move: The center of the pile is where the actual decomposing takes place.  Turn the pile on a regular basis to keep everything well.