Q: What is Square Foot Gardening?

A: In short… an intensive gardening method, in raised beds, with grids 12 inches by 12 inches. It doesn’t use your existing soil, so you can grow a great garden no matter how bad you natural soil is. You also save space. This method used about 20% of the space a traditional row garden would.

Q: What can I plant in my square foot garden?

A: It is only limited by your imagination. I’ve even seen pumpkins growing on a trellis in a square foot garden.

Q: What are the benefits of square foot gardening?

A: There are many benefits. Here are some of them: reduce seed waste, reduce watering, multiple planting seasons. Here is a big one for a lot of people…REDUCE TIME WEEDING!

Q: Who invented Square Foot Gardening?

A: Mel Bartholemew

Q: What can I build my raised beds out of?

A: Just about anything. Just avoid painted or treated lumber. Composite and vinyl “boards” look great and lasts a longtime, but are expensive. Untreated pine is the least expensive, but will breakdown over a few years.

Q: What kind of soil is used?

A: It is a mix of 1/3 peat, 1/3 compost, 1/3 vermiculite. It makes a great growing medium, that is fluffy and light and holds water well.

Q:  How many cabbage plants per square foot?

A:  One per square