My 2008 Tomato List

It is that time of year again when I have to pick a few tomatoes from a list of thousands to grow.  You have to consider previous performance, others reviews, determinate vs. indeterminate, color, heirloom vs. open pollinated versus hybrid, among others.  It can prove to be a difficult task.  After going through seed catalogs from Baker Creek, Sand Hill Preservation, and Burpee I think I have my mind made up.
This year I will doing a few things differently than last year.  All of my tomato plants will be planted in Square Foot Garden’s instead of splitting them with the homemade earth boxes.  This decision was not made, because of poor performance with the earth boxes, but to use the space saving advantages of vertical gardening.  The other change will be type and number of plants.  I was overwhelmed with tomatoes last year.  I had a ton of cherry tomatoes and average tasting colored tomatoes, but too few slicing tomatoes.  I do plan on growing melons this year so the space dedicated to tomatoes will be less.  I do plan on growing at least 8 indeterminate plants on the trellis this year.

You can find my 2007 list here ( ).  The tomatoes I plan to carry over are:

  • Kellogg’s Breakfast - Great tasting orange tomato.  This tomato produced well for me and was unique.  It was the most difficult to start from seed, but well worth it.  I can not see a year when I will not grow Kelloggs Breakfast.
  • Cuostralee -A wonderfully large red beefsteak tomato.  It started strong and finished strong.
  • Cherokee Purple - A nice dark tomato that has a very good tomato taste.  The production wasn’t the best, but the plant was strong and healthy.  Its timing on producing blossoms was a little off with the weather.
  • Jet Star VF - This hybrid is early and good.  The 8 ounce fruits are meaty and low in acid.  This will be the third year I grow the Jet Star tomato.
  • Aunt Ginny’s Purple - This plant failed for me last year, but it was my fault.  I want to try this one again due to the great reviews.

These tomatoes will be new to me in 2008:

  • Brandy Boy Hybrid - I am interested to find out if this tomato is really that to close to an heirloom taste.  The production and size of the fruit looks good.  They also claim a thin skin.  I hope this one will work well so I can give a good review in the future.
  • Tommy Toe - Last years cherry crops taste was unimpressive at best.  The Piccolo was the only real stand out.  I plan to grow Tommy Toe this year on the recommendations of others.  It looks like the most difficult thing to grow this tomato is to find the seed.
  • This last definite is up for grabs.  You can post a comment on what you think I should grow.  I don’t care what kind of tomato it is… I only want it to be good.  Let me hear what you think.

So that is my 2008 Tomato List for my Square Foot Garden.  I will have 4 4×4 SFG’s this year with a trellis on each.  This should be plenty of room for the tomatoes, melons, and cucumbers to be able to get along.

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  1. My carry over list for 2008 will be:

    Roma VF

    New tomatoes for this year:

    Tomato Sweet Baby Girl Hybrid (65 days)
    Tomato Fourth of July Hybrid (I wanted the earliest, 45 days)
    Cherokeee Purple (85 days)
    black Krim (80 days)
    Brandywine (85 days)

    Not doing this year:

    Big Boys (very good tomatoes, but why grow this when beefsteaks are better slicing tomatoes?)

    An another one i don’t recall the name of as of right now.

    Unfortunately, i dont have much space for gardening. I will also try to do SQFT garden this year.but that means relocating my existing garden to a new location (My garden has a 3 year worked soil), built three 4×8 areas and buy the soil mixture to fill them up. I know i can just use the soil i have, but i want to start with a better soil mixture even if my existing soil is fine. Furthermore, my wife is giving birth to our second child on late april.

    So that means maybe do a SQFT garden, maybe. I really want to do it since last year i didn’t plant many things due to the lack of space. I know the benefits of SQFT garden and i know i can get lots of things in there. Wish me luck!

    P.S. if you have any recommendation starting tomatoes from seeds (i dont have a growing light and my windows all lack of sun light) that will be great!. Also i will like to try the Cuostralee tomatoes they luck great on the picture and looks like something i will like. Good Luck this year!

  2. I am interested to see your US tomato varieties, there are only 2 or 3 names which I recognize. I suppose they might be the same parentage but your seed companies give them different brand names. I have just planted a brand new supersteak tomato ‘country taste’ an F1 hybrid which was really expensive! I hope it was worth it, I love the slicing tomatoes in the Summer!

  3. I really like this early heirloom tomato:



    Taxi is an attractive HEIRLOOM bright-yellow tomato. The round medium 110-140g yellow fruit have a distinctive sweet flavour and are less acidic than red tomatoes. Plants grow to about 60cm (2ft) and yield heavily for about a month at the beginning of summer. The best yellow tomato for cool areas, they are prolific and sweet. Start this variety in April to set out in May. Sow indoors 5-6 weeks before the last frost, lightly covering the seed. Transplant into the garden after all danger of frost. Matures in 65-70 days from transplants.

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