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Tomato Stem with Roots

You have always heard that tomatoes produce new root from the stems.  This is why most people advocate planting most of the plant below ground or at very least in a trench.  I know have always believed this theory even though I had no proof it was true.  Now I do!  I was looking over […]

First “Harvest” of the Year

It was a small harvest, but it was the first of the year.  A single radish.  It was more a status check than anything else. 
This is the Cherry Belle variety of radish.  It tasted fine, not hot or woody.  The lettuce in the garden has gotten bitter from the extra warm spring.  I have […]


Compost is one-third of Mel’s Mix, but it is the most important of the three.  A good compost does a lot for your square foot garden.  It provides all the nutrients, retains mostuire, and provides good aeration.  It is also the only variable in the mix.  Vermiculite is vermiculite and peat is peat, but not […]

New Blooms and Plants

I am making progress in the garden, despite the huge temperature variations. Some of the plants that were direct sowed are coming up. Tomatoes will be going in over the next week, depending on the long range forecasts. This will be the earliest for me to get them out…just a little nervous […]