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New Transplants in the Garden

I have gotten some of my transplants out into the garden this week, between the rains. This is a new box this year made by Mel’s rules. The grid lines are cotton twine that can be composted at the end of the year.

The visable plants are: Romaine Lettuce, Prize Head Lettuce, Early Jersey […]

The Perfect SFG Measuring Cup

A 18 gallon/68 liter storage tote is the perfect measuring cup for Square Foot Gardening.

A 4 foot by 4 foot SFG requires 8 cubic feet of Mel’s Mix. 1/3 Compost, 1/3 Peat, 1/3 Vermiculite or 2.67 cubic feet of each material. A full tote equals 2.4 cubic feet. A heaping tote will […]

Tomato Seedlings

My tomato seedlings are doing well and some are already getting potted up. I’ll be ready with 10 or plants for the Square Foot Garden when the weather holds. I am shooting for mid-May, but the plants should be fine for a couple weeks more.

Photo of my Piccolo Tomato Seedling

Photo of Burpee’s PorterHouse […]

Companion Planting

Companion planting is a great way to enhance and protect your vegetable garden.  The idea is not new, but it is still as relevant today as it was 200 years ago.  Native Americans used companion planting to raise corn, pole beans and squash.  Each vegetable has an important role in this cooperative trio.  The corn […]