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Lots of Green…

Lots of green tomatoes, but so far very few red, orange, purple, or black ones.  The only tomato plant I have harvested of of is the Piccolo.   I got about a dozen for that one and they were good!
Here are some pictures of my progress so far:

Cuostralee Tomato - Large beefsteak.  This plant is doing […]

Fruit Set and Blossoms

The blossoms are coming on all of the tomato plants.  The plants have only managed to set a few fruit though.  It doesen’t look like the weather will be getting better to help this.  The forecast calls for highs in the low 90’s and low’s around 70.  This is on the upper limits of tomato’s […]

My Other Tomato Garden

Until now, I have just focused on my square foot garden. I decided I wanted to share images from my “other” garden. It is made up of four homemade Earthboxes. I created these boxes and grew peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, and more in them. They were a great success, but did not […]

Purple Passion Tomato

All the tomato plants are up and growing well. I did run into a little problem. I have no idea what this Purple Passion tomato plant is. I have seen photos of the final fruit, but don’t know about the plant itself. Determinate or Indeterminate? It does have regular leaves. […]