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Square Foot Gardening Goals for 2010

On the coldest day of the year, I decided it was time to put together a list of goals for my 2010 Square Foot Garden.  We’ve hit bottom (I hope) and all uphill to spring now.
1. Grow More Heirlooms - I have always had a nice selection of heirloom tomatoes, but didn’t use heirloom or […]

My 2008 Tomato List

It is that time of year again when I have to pick a few tomatoes from a list of thousands to grow.  You have to consider previous performance, others reviews, determinate vs. indeterminate, color, heirloom vs. open pollinated versus hybrid, among others.  It can prove to be a difficult task.  After going through seed catalogs […]

Tomato Harvest

This years tomato harvest was good. I used both the square foot and homemade earthboxes. Next year I think I will only use the square foot method. The production in the SFG’s was less, but the size and quality was better. I had so many tomatoes this year!!!

Burpee’s Porterhouse, Kellogg’s Breakfast, […]

Trellised Tomatoes in 1 Square Foot

I was more than a bit skeptical that a large indeterminate tomato plant could be grown in 1 square foot on a vertical frame.  Well…I did it and it was great!  The plants grew without disease and were easy to manage.  My favorite part was picking the ripe ones.  I no longer had to “dive” […]