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Seed Starting

Here are a few hints to succuesfuly start yours plants from seed…
This section will grow quickly as I photograph my progress.
I have added “Info Pages” on the left. This is where the the photos of the plants will be updated. I have updated the photos, so far, on the Lettuce Page. I […]

How much does cost to build a SFG box?

I have seen this question a lot on the web, so I will give you my costs in the Midwest. There are saving for each additional box you build, because of the quantities you buy.

1 piece 2×6×16 Untreated Pine $8.00
1 roll Dupont Weed Fabric 3′x50′ $12.00 (enough for 4 boxes and walkways)
1 small box […]

Sources for Vermiculite

Vermiculite is a KEY ingredient in the mix for square foot gardening. Unfortunatelyy, it can be difficult to find in the 4 cubic feet sized bags. 1/3 Vermiculite, 1/3 Compost, 1/3 Peat. Please post your source for vermiculite and I will compile a list.

Welcome to All About Square Foot Gardening

This is just the begining of this site.  I have a lot of photos and stories to post.  Hopefully, everyone else will share the same.  A forum will be coming in the very near future, along with FAQs.  Let me know what other features you would like to see.